High Street Bank Announces New ID Authentication Process

8th March 2016

First Direct (owned by HSBC) customers will be the first to benefit from the technology, with both forms of security planned for roll out in the coming weeks. This will be followed by HSBC releasing the technology for their own customers in the summ [...]

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Obama Prioritises Multi-Factor Authentication in New Cybersecurity Plan

15th February 2016

US President, Barack Obama, has this week released details about the proposed Cybersecurity National Action Place (CNAP), a comprehensive scheme to enhance cyber security awareness and protection amongst the public, businesses and the nation’s Govern [...]

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You Can’t Spell Enterprise Security Without MFA

11th February 2016

Enterprises are under attack, and credentials are a primary target. According to the 2015 Verizon DBIR, 95% of all web app attacks involve credentials that were harvested from customer devices. Most enterprises use authentication to determine if some [...]

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IAM: Intuitively Managing Partner Access

8th February 2016

Sharing data and system access with partners can create a more efficient and intuitive cooperative venture, ensuring all parties are singing from the same hymn sheet. However, it is vital that the shared data is fully and effectively managed to ensur [...]

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Could Your Holiday Staff Be Posing a Threat to IT Services?

5th February 2016

For many retailers, the holiday period brings with it a necessity to employ additional temporary staff to accommodate increased demand at that time of year. If you have had to bring in extra faces for the holiday season, you will know how difficult i [...]

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Ping Identity Form Alliance to Add Identity to Security

29th January 2016

ProofID partner, Ping Identity, has announced a partnership with a number of other service providers to develop the Identity Defined Security Alliance – a unified approach to offer enterprises and identity-focussed security system. The Identity Defin [...]

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Death of the password?

6th January 2016

Earlier this week the Daily Mail reported on KPMG’s cyber security predictions for 2016. The article can be found here and the original KPMG blog post here. The article picked up on a viewpoint which I wholeheartedly share – the password is no longer [...]

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An effective identity management partnership in universities

22nd December 2015

Overview ProofID is a specialist provider of fully managed identity management solutions. It has unrivaled depth of experience in delivering identity management solutions across multiple industries and sectors, with major clients across the UK, Irel [...]

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Protect your connectivity during cyber-attacks

10th December 2015

The widespread outage across university networks earlier this week (see here: Universities across the country lose internet connections following cyber-attack) brings into sharp focus the reliance that all modern organisations have on connectivity, i [...]

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