MFA Considered for Integral Role in the Battle Against Retail Fraud

30th June 2016

The National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (NCCoE) is currently undertaking the mammoth task of reducing the risk of online retail fraud in the US, seeking comment from the public and industry insiders. The NCCoE is exploring the potential of mu [...]

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What Are the Advantages of BYOI to Businesses?

24th June 2016

Bring your own identity (BYOI) sign on has proven to be divisive amongst users as it becomes more of a widespread form of online and account authorisation. Whilst the efficiency of using existing profiles to access new platforms and tools is broadly [...]

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ARMS by ProofID 2.24 Release

6th June 2016

We have recently released a new version of ARMS by ProofID, our user lifecycle management application, and we're quite excited to tell you about it.  This new release, as well as bringing stability fixes and other enhancements, introduces several ma [...]

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Vista Equity Partners to Acquire Ping Identity

2nd June 2016

Ping Identity announced yesterday that it has agreed to be acquired by Vista Equity Partners, in a deal that is scheduled to complete in Q3 2016. Vista is a technology focused private equity firm, with a proven track record of investment into private [...]

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ProofID Featured in Computer Weekly Buyer’s Guide

20th May 2016

ARMS by ProofID recently featured prominently in Computer Weekly’s buyer’s guide for managing external IT users. Introducing the importance of identity and access management throughout all business portals, the article offered a number of solutions [...]

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The Everyday Importance of Multi-Factor Authentication

19th May 2016

I'm the managing director of an identity management firm, and have been working in the identity management field for over ten years. So I should be immune to phishing attacks, right? Wrong! This morning I received an email from a contact at a suppli [...]

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PCI Security Standard Council Delivers Next-Gen Version

12th May 2016

The PCI Security Standard Council has released a new version of the PCI DSS, a data security standard used by the payment card industry, including banks and credit card companies. Released on 28 April, the PCI DSS 3.2 version has been devised to str [...]

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Organisations Prioritising Identity Management

28th April 2016

Demonstrating the huge importance of securing and managing access to online systems, tools and portals; recent research has confirmed that IT security professionals in the UK and US are now prioritising identity and access management when improving [...]

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US Government Reports 10% Increase in Cybersecurity Incidents

31st March 2016

Following President Barack Obama's calls for improvements to identity and access management systems in the USA, and throughout the world, it is revealed that 74% of federal agencies do not currently employ such technologies. This, combined with the [...]

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What is Risk Based Authentication?

23rd March 2016

A risk based authentication process will monitor the connection profile of users including behaviours, favoured devices and IP geolocation. Monitoring these behaviours will alert the system if a user deviates from the norm – insisting they offer fur [...]

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