The Common Pitfalls of B2B Security

25th October 2016

As organisations extend their technology to partners to realise business benefit the importance of security cannot be overlooked. With much of the focus and energy flowing towards business requirements the issue of security and providing access are o [...]

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Password Mismanagement is the Leading Access Control Problem

16th August 2016

With or without the help of a password hacking tool, it is far too easy for passwords to be compromised. Simple passwords (even Barack Obama admits to using them) can be hacked with a little trial and error, whilst even the more complicated password [...]

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Security vs User Experience – A fine balance

12th August 2016

It is widely accepted that relying on passwords as the primary mechanism for authentication is no longer fit for purpose. With individuals interacting with so many online services it’s inevitable that the same password will be used in a variety of pl [...]

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Is Your PCI DSS Provider Aware of Upcoming Changes in v3.2?

11th August 2016

If you are a merchant who has outsourced PCI DSS responsibilities to a third party, it may be prudent to ascertain how the provider is planning to meet the requirements coming into action by the end of 31 January 2018. Whilst this date may seem reass [...]

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Why financial institutions need to be more agile

8th August 2016

Thinking about fintech for a moment, there are already some major success stories with companies such as TransferWise and Funding Circle. These success stories bring validity to the plethora of innovative businesses that are bringing different busine [...]

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What are Knowledge Factors, Possession Factors and Inherence Factors?

5th August 2016

Amongst the most important criteria for an effective and robust multi-factor authentication process is a combination of different types of identity management factors. Authentication factors are traditionally split into three categories: knowledge, p [...]

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Digital Transformation in the Third Sector

21st July 2016

There has been a lot of take about digital transformation recently and the charities sector is not excluded from this trend. This is underpinned by new roles emerging with titles such as Digital Transformation Director, with Julie Dodd recently takin [...]

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High Profile Mergers and Acquisitions Demonstrate the Need for Patient IT Collaborations

In April of this year, the housing association industry shifted dramatically as three associations announced plans to merge, becoming one of the largest homebuilders in the UK. With plans to build roughly 100,000 homes across London and the South Eas [...]

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The Problem with Passwords

12th July 2016

We’ve all grown extremely comfortable with passwords, accepting their faults and flaws along the way. Just to read this article, you may have had to enter a couple of passwords as you progress through the device boot-up and any other security layers. [...]

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What is Multi-Factor Authentication?

8th July 2016

Even if you are unaware of it, chances are you will have benefitted from multifactor authentication – a process of adding multiple layers of security to an online system or remotely stored data. In a bid to ensure their digital security is robust and [...]

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