Gaining Proactive Insights into your Ping environment with ProofID Dashboard

19th October 2017

This is the third in our series of blogs examining how to get the best out of your Ping Identity environment in production. In our first blog we identified that it can be difficult to gain detailed insights into the usage and performance of PingFede [...]

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Automating the Route to Live with ProofID ConfigMigrator

18th October 2017

In the second of our series of blogs focusing on how to optimise the management of Ping Identity products in run, we will focus on the automation of staging configuration between environments on the ‘Route to Live’. In our previous blog, we explaine [...]

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Ping Identity – the Challenge of ‘Run’

17th October 2017

Most IT professionals are familiar with the typical cycle of IT projects, which usually run through ‘Design’ and ‘Build’ phases before moving into production in ‘Run’. At ProofID, our experience is that many organisations focus a lot of time an ener [...]

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Configuring database audit logging on PingFederate with MySQL

8th May 2017

Paul Heaney, Technical Director at ProofID discusses how to configure database audit logging on PingFederate with MySQL. In an enterprise PingFederate deployment, it’s a good idea to configure the system to log to a central repository such as databa [...]

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5 Reasons to Adopt Ping Identity as a Managed Service

19th January 2017

Here are our 5 Top Reasons to consider Ping Identity as a Managed Service (ProofID IDaaMS). Downtime of IAM technologies leads to user dissatisfaction and loss of revenue. ProofID IDaaMS provides industry leading resolution times to critical inciden [...]

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ProofID Launches Ping Identity as a Managed Service

ProofID has launched Ping Identity as a Managed Service (ProofID IDaaMS) in order to support and develop existing Ping technology implementations. The need for this service has been driven by the mission critical nature of these platforms which has c [...]

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Vista Equity Partners to Acquire Ping Identity

2nd June 2016

Ping Identity announced yesterday that it has agreed to be acquired by Vista Equity Partners, in a deal that is scheduled to complete in Q3 2016. Vista is a technology focused private equity firm, with a proven track record of investment into private [...]

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Identify 2015 – Tom Eggleston’s take on the event

26th November 2015

Last week I had the privilege of participating in a panel session at Ping Identity’s London conference, Identify 2015. It was great to be able to share experiences with some key movers in the IAM industry, including Eric Sachs, Product Management Di [...]

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Who commits the deadliest security sins? You’ll be surprised.

12th November 2015

Christine Bevilacqua from Ping Identity discusses who commits the deadliest security sins... It's no secret that many people are compromising their security with bad password habits. Some people use the same username and password over and over again [...]

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Techvalidate – See What Customer’s Really Think of Ping Solutions

28th October 2015

See the following link to independent Techvalidate showing what customer think of Ping Solutions [...]

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