Password Mismanagement is the Leading Access Control Problem

16th August 2016

With or without the help of a password hacking tool, it is far too easy for passwords to be compromised. Simple passwords (even Barack Obama admits to using them) can be hacked with a little trial and error, whilst even the more complicated password [...]

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The Problem with Passwords

12th July 2016

We’ve all grown extremely comfortable with passwords, accepting their faults and flaws along the way. Just to read this article, you may have had to enter a couple of passwords as you progress through the device boot-up and any other security layers. [...]

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Death of the password?

6th January 2016

Earlier this week the Daily Mail reported on KPMG’s cyber security predictions for 2016. The article can be found here and the original KPMG blog post here. The article picked up on a viewpoint which I wholeheartedly share – the password is no longer [...]

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