Ping Identity Form Alliance to Add Identity to Security

29th January 2016

ProofID partner, Ping Identity, has announced a partnership with a number of other service providers to develop the Identity Defined Security Alliance – a unified approach to offer enterprises and identity-focussed security system. The Identity Defin [...]

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Death of the password?

6th January 2016

Earlier this week the Daily Mail reported on KPMG’s cyber security predictions for 2016. The article can be found here and the original KPMG blog post here. The article picked up on a viewpoint which I wholeheartedly share – the password is no longer [...]

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An effective identity management partnership in universities

22nd December 2015

Overview ProofID is a specialist provider of fully managed identity management solutions. It has unrivaled depth of experience in delivering identity management solutions across multiple industries and sectors, with major clients across the UK, Irel [...]

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Protect your connectivity during cyber-attacks

10th December 2015

The widespread outage across university networks earlier this week (see here: Universities across the country lose internet connections following cyber-attack) brings into sharp focus the reliance that all modern organisations have on connectivity, i [...]

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Who commits the deadliest security sins? You’ll be surprised.

12th November 2015

Christine Bevilacqua from Ping Identity discusses who commits the deadliest security sins... It's no secret that many people are compromising their security with bad password habits. Some people use the same username and password over and over again [...]

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Manufacturer Challenges: Partner Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Manufacturers cannot make and sell products without the close involvement of their suppliers. Today, that involves much sharing of data back and forth. Many manufacturers offer online portals that give their suppliers one location for the informatio [...]

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Partner Identity Issues Facing Retailers

9th November 2015

Matt Klassen from Ping Identity discussing the Partner Identity Issues Facing Retailers... Retailers have been allowing partners access to their data and systems for decades now. As the world has gone digital, this access has expanded - good news fo [...]

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Bring your own Identity: Grow your own Revenue

24th October 2014

Embrace the trend of 'Bring your own identity' and discover how valuable social identities are to Universities and other education providers. Most of us are familiar with logging into websites via Facebook when shopping online. This is known as ‘Brin [...]

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