Ping Identity – the Challenge of ‘Run’

17th October 2017

Most IT professionals are familiar with the typical cycle of IT projects, which usually run through ‘Design’ and ‘Build’ phases before moving into production in ‘Run’. At ProofID, our experience is that many organisations focus a lot of time an ener [...]

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ProofID Launches Ping Identity as a Managed Service

19th January 2017

ProofID has launched Ping Identity as a Managed Service (ProofID IDaaMS) in order to support and develop existing Ping technology implementations. The need for this service has been driven by the mission critical nature of these platforms which has c [...]

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5 B2B Questions for your Identity and Access Management (IAM) Provider

31st October 2016

When thinking about integrating customers, suppliers and other partners into your business through the use of technology, your approach to identity and access management (IAM) is a key consideration. Many supplier offerings in this space share a lot [...]

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The Common Pitfalls of B2B Security

25th October 2016

As organisations extend their technology to partners to realise business benefit the importance of security cannot be overlooked. With much of the focus and energy flowing towards business requirements the issue of security and providing access are o [...]

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Why financial institutions need to be more agile

8th August 2016

Thinking about fintech for a moment, there are already some major success stories with companies such as TransferWise and Funding Circle. These success stories bring validity to the plethora of innovative businesses that are bringing different busine [...]

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High Profile Mergers and Acquisitions Demonstrate the Need for Patient IT Collaborations

21st July 2016

In April of this year, the housing association industry shifted dramatically as three associations announced plans to merge, becoming one of the largest homebuilders in the UK. With plans to build roughly 100,000 homes across London and the South Eas [...]

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What Are the Advantages of BYOI to Businesses?

24th June 2016

Bring your own identity (BYOI) sign on has proven to be divisive amongst users as it becomes more of a widespread form of online and account authorisation. Whilst the efficiency of using existing profiles to access new platforms and tools is broadly [...]

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Organisations Prioritising Identity Management

28th April 2016

Demonstrating the huge importance of securing and managing access to online systems, tools and portals; recent research has confirmed that IT security professionals in the UK and US are now prioritising identity and access management when improving [...]

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US Government Reports 10% Increase in Cybersecurity Incidents

31st March 2016

Following President Barack Obama's calls for improvements to identity and access management systems in the USA, and throughout the world, it is revealed that 74% of federal agencies do not currently employ such technologies. This, combined with the [...]

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IAM: Intuitively Managing Partner Access

8th February 2016

Sharing data and system access with partners can create a more efficient and intuitive cooperative venture, ensuring all parties are singing from the same hymn sheet. However, it is vital that the shared data is fully and effectively managed to ensur [...]

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