Some of the most successful, recognisable brands put their trust in ProofID to design, develop and manage their identity and access management service.

We help customers every day in securing enterprise data, adopt and manage hybrid cloud environments, secure mobile apps, and provide access to services by partners and customers. All successfully delivered through our consulting, technology platforms and methodology driven managed services.

If you have an identity and access management challenge, and are looking for a partner who has the expertise, references and can move at pace we are here for you and your enterprise.

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ProofID’s Dashboard offers a simple, secure, and cost-effective way to manage and monitor PingFederate. Giving you an intuitive, at-a-glance summary of your environment. Dashboard is easy to install and works with your existing PingFederate environment.

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Although necessary, working with multiple stages creates challenges. Copying of changes requires significant manual effort, there is a high risk of human error, and change is often slow. ConfigMigrator is a software product that provides this important functionality without the cost and maintenance related to developing an in-house solution.

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Technology plays a pivotal role in a modern business strategy, whether at the team, departmental or organisational level. These technology strategies rarely focus solely on the internal needs of the business. The true value only being realised from integrating not only employees but also customers and partners.

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Our library of customer success stories and insightful white papers. Download and learn how ProofID can help your enterprise.

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Ensure your identity challenges of the enterprise are a thing of the past. Find the right solution that fits your needs.

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