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Business Driven Solution for Managing the Life-cycle of Non Permanent Users

ARMS by ProofID, provides a web based interface for the management and maintenance of user information. ARMS is an authoritative source for user accounts creating and providing life-cycle management for user services and resources without compromising security.

A Fresh Way to Engage with Users via their Social Identities

IDENTify by ProofID, a social identity management platform that enables seamless single sign on, using social credentials and access to sensitive information securely. In addition, IDENTify allows end to end user lfecycle management.

Rapid Global Directory Solution

A common challenge faced by many organisations that operate across multiple territories, is the lack of a central directory of all user identities.

White Pages Managed Service provides a interface to enable users to search the central directory, as well as directory aggregation technology. Therefore allowing organisations to benefit from directory aggregation without embarking on a highly complex identity management project.  

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